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Rules And Regulations Of The Hostel

  1. It is compulsory to stay in the hostel during the training period.
  2. Rooms should be kept clean and tidy. Students are fully responsible for any loss / damage of furniture / fixture allotted to them.
  3. Proper locks should be used for cupboards and boxes. Jewellery and expensive items are not permitted in the rooms and the school authority shall not be responsible for any theft / loss or damage of students' personal belongings in any manner whatsoever.
  4. Wastage of water and electricity will lead to disciplinary action.
  5. Students should come to the Hostel / Canteen in proper dress.
  6. In case of sickness, students should report to the Principal / Warden.
  7. No electrical cooking appliances will be allowed in hostel room. Students are not allowed to use "Android" phone with internet connectivity. Such devices if found will be immediately confiscated.
  8. Visitors are not allowed to go in the students room.
  9. In case of gross misconduct, training can be terminated at any point of time during the academic year. In such case, fees paid shall not be refunded. Management is fully authorized to effect any change in rules and regulations at any time.
  10. Hostel rules as declared by the management will be binding on the hostel residents from the date and time of allotment of the hostel seat.
  11. Ragging is strictly prohibited.


The uniform is compulsory in the institute as well as during clinical works in the hospital.


Annual vacation - 30 days per annum

Preparatory Leave - 7 days per annum

Govt. Holidays - According to West Bengal Nursing Council recommendation.


The applicant’s admission can be cancelled if any false, incorrect or incomplete information has been submitted to the authorities. In such case fees paid will not be refunded.


A candidate shall be eligible to sit for the examination if:

The Head of the school certifies that:

  1. She has completed not less than eleven months of the course with minimum of 80% of attendance and that her total performance has been satisfactory during that period.
  2. A candidate must secure 50% marks in internal assessment separately in each theory and practical and council examination.
  3. The record of practical experience is complete.


The students themselves have to pay their examination fees to the West Bengal Nursing Council for the examination conducted by the Council through the Institution.


The students who are declared successful in the final year examination are eligible for registration with the West Bengal Nursing Council as Registered Nurse. Students should obtain "No Dues Certificate" from the School of Nursing before registration.


  1. The discipline of the institute is to be strictly maintained. For breach of discipline, a student may be fined and / or expelled from the institute. In such cases, fees paid will not be refunded.
  2. The Institute will not be responsible for any delay or postponement of the examinations.
  3. The Principal holds the right to change the timetable at any time.
  4. Leave applications have to be approved and signed by the respective class teachers.
  5. Applications should be signed by the parents/guardians.Guardians can sign only if parents are not alive.
  6. In-House examinations / tests will be compulsory for all except sick students with permission of the Principal.
  7. 100% attendance is essential in classes, demonstrations, practicals, clinics & hospital (night and day).
  8. A student whose progress and conduct is considered unsatisfactory may be detained from attending classes, without any notice.
  9. Students will not be allowed to entertain / meet their relatives during school hours, except emergencies ( to be decided by the Principal / Vice Principal).
  10. Parents as well as students will submit a combined affidavit that she will fully follow the above said rules and regulations.
  11. Students will not be allowed to carry mobile phones in the classrooms & hospital.
  12. Students are not allowed to use "Android" phone with internet connectivity.


Any dispute arising out of the admission process or any proceeding thereof shall lie within the jurisdiction of Calcutta High Court.